14 Food Groups That You Should Choose for Weight Loss Plan

If you’re overweight or obese and are planning to lose weight, instead of depending on a single diet, a group of foods comprising two...

Sugar the Culprit in Causing Cancer – Recent Studies

Sugar and resultant obesity are linked to high risk of cancer, which is gradually being realized. Obesity is in fact said to be associated...

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Keep Your Anxiety at Bay

Fear Not: Do These 5 Things to Keep Your Anxiety at Bay

Anxiety. One word which is the root cause of most, if not all, emotional problems. Today’s rapidly moving, million-miles-an-hour existence ensures that human beings...

Follow These Five Tricks to Look Taller

You're short and trying to look taller, but the odds are against you. You're short because of certain genetic reasons which you can’t help....

13 Quotes For People Who Just Love to Sleep

Is there anywhere in the world you’d rather be right now than warm, safe and relaxed in your own bed? We all love to...



Nine Smart Tips You Must Follow to Get a Better Posture

Posture plays an important role in helping you sustain yourself under pressure, while  standing, sitting or in any other position that involves staying at one place for some duration. It’s important to stand, sit...

The 5 Best Sneakers for Summer 2016

A pair of sneakers is the best footwear in summer. People wear a range of footwear in summer, including Chelsea boots, combat boots, or just a pair of dress shoes even for a casual...
Shirt Sleeves

Four Things You Must Know about Rolling up Your Shirt Sleeves

When you’re uncomfortable or feeling awkward because of the scorching summer temperature, it’s a good idea to roll up your shirt sleeves. Especially at the workplace, where you’re not expected to wear T-shirts or...


A Healthy Way to a Fitter You!!

We would like to provide you with a simple to follow and doable activities for overall well-being. Listed below are six simple, effective and...

Ten Simple Tips to Make Your Footwear Last Longer

Your shoes are the symbol of how manly you are and therefore, irrespective of their type - be it sneakers, boots or brogues, they...

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