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Old Age problems

Twenty Insane – But True – Things about Old Age

Old age is oft associated with dependency, patriarchal/matriarchal roles spanning generations and a general winding down into relaxation and enjoying the finer things in...
Reduce Your Hair Fall

Act Before It’s Too Late – 5 Ways To Reduce Your Hair Loss

It is a pity that most people only start thinking about hair loss and its prevention after they start losing a lot of it....
Men Lives

Men, Take Control of Your Lives! Live It To the Fullest!

Living in the modern world can be pretty stressful, pressurizing and confusing too. You may be lucky if you are living in a country...



Chris Hemsworth vs Zac Efron – The ultimate fitness showdown

Chris Hemsworth, Mr. Thor has a great physique. We can all agree on that! What about Zac Efron, the teen heart-throb of the highschool musical series? He is now the muscle man of hollywood....

How Movember and No Shave November Are Different and Similar At the Same Time

No Shave November and Movember are two different initiatives borne out of similar ideas – using hair to spread awareness about cancer Movember, though, was conceptualized first. Story of Movember In 2003, two friends Travis Garone and...

Why Laughing is hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

Rundown: Humour is irresistible. The sound of thundering laughter is significantly more infectious than any hack, wheeze, or sniffle. At the point when laughter is shared, it ties individuals together and builds satisfaction and...


5 Dehydration Did-You-Knows!

If there is anything in the whole wide world that drives all of the nature, that is water. It is true in fact that...

11 Super Foods to Beat Diabetes

Getting a hold out your dietary habits can take you a long way in controlling your sugar levels. And if you are a diabetic,...