10 Things More Important Than Communication for Enduring Relationships

Communication plays a crucial role in helping you get into a relationship, and you can thereafter boost the relationship using communication. Thus, if you possess good communication skills, half the job is done. However, apart from communication skills, you need to have another set of skills to help you build relationships. In other words, these factors can determine the quality of you relationship, and also how long it could last.


An individual should have a relationship that makes sense and is sustained in the long term. While many issues plaguing a relationship can be resolved through communication, there are certain other things which go beyond communication to ensure an enduring relationship.

  1. Nearly similar values

You should necessarily have similar values or close to similar value. For example, if you have similar family, finance, health obligations then your relationship is likely to remain strong for longer.

  1. Standpoint on sex

Sex is an important aspect of your relationship.  If you find each other physically attractive then you’ll find yourself striving to sustain your relationship and now allow anything to impair it.  If either of you is not interested in sex, it’s a sign something has gone awry in the relationship. Discuss and seek professional help if need be. They can diagnose the real problem and prescribe the solution accordingly.

  1. Nearly similar interests

Your interests may not be exactly the same  but they should be close enough. Make sure to find a partner who has similar interests as yours. This helps you both see eye-to-eye.
A little difference is likely to help strike a balance but too much can create problems.

  1. Relationship with parents

Involvement of parents more than required could bring imbalance, resentment into the relationship because it can show that you feel your parents are more important than your partner. Therefore, ensure your parents have a balanced place in your life.

  1. Being kind

Kindness is crucial in any relationship. Even though you communicate well with your partner, kindness helps boost the relationship by giving  the feeling that you’re considerate and caring. If your partner is constantly being bitter to you, you should look into the matter and review the relationship.

  1. Humor

Humor brings fun and can lead to a stronger relationship. Humor on your part shows your natural personal disposition with a positive feeling. This behavior is acceptable to all. Lack of humor may give the impression that you’re  bored and cold.

  1. Trust

Trust is perhaps the most important factor to ensure an enduring relationship. Trust is the base on which relationships get built. Lack of trust is likely to lead to suspicion and resentment, which might imperil the relationship.

  1. Love between partners

Love is the invisible glue that keeps you and your partner together. Relationships originating in love can endure when confronted with conflicts. Love makes communication easy.

  1. Be genuine

Present yourself to your partner as you generally look. Wear no blanket emotions to conceal your weak points or don’t pretend to be one that you’re not really or cannot do so. Your truthfulness will impress your partner, which is good for the relationship in the long run.

  1. Be protective

Ensuring safety for your partner whenever there is a physical threat, and have a regard for their bodily safety in a dangerous situation can go a long way in strengthening the relationship. If you don’t feel any regard for your partner, for your safety, for example at late night, the relationship is in strain and you should take a look at it.


Communication is an important factor that leads to strong relationships. However, you need to take care of these aspects as well. It will help you judge the strong and weak points in the relationship so that you could address the weak points and boost the strong ones, which will further the relationship.