11 Warning Signs That Tell He’s a Womanizer

A womanizer looks attractive, and has quick and inventive humor. To differentiate between a womanizer and a gentleman is not easy. Here’s a list of the attributes of a womanizer. However, be careful because a man showing these characteristics may not necessarily be a womanizer. Your instinct will guide you in taking the final call.


  1. Loves more Facebook from girls

    A womanizer is interested in girls only. His Facebook comprises of a few girls, saying as if they were not allowed to interact for long.
    He always says he loves you, and likes to introduce you to his family, and he promises to take you out. He in reality, he doesn’t.

  1. Flattering

“You’re beautiful, intelligent and gorgeous.” As he converses with you, he highlights all these points with respect to your personality often. It’s one of the top signs of a womanizer.

  1. Looks for your company only late at nights

A man who’s sincere would like to be with you at all times, especially when you really need him around. And, thus he may ask you to go on a shopping trip, or send you humorous text messages. On the other hand, a womanizer asks where you are and then asks you for your company. A thumb rule is anything that’s planned post sunset, and suddenly at that, can indicate that the guy is a womanizer.

  1. Doesn’t have non-sexual relationship with girls

To a womanizer, girls are persons he wants to ‘hangout’ with. He doesn’t look for platonic friends since with platonic friends, he can’t have a sexually oriented relationship.

  1. Doesn’t want to say anything about the future

This is an important point. Raise a question on a thing that’s likely to be in the future, for instance your life after marriage. Watch out how he reacts. If you find him sidestepping the question, he’s a womanizer.

  1. He conceals things

If the guy conceals from you everything, he’s a womanizer. He goes defensive when you ask from where he got the missed call or the text message.

  1. Identifies you with other girls

He calls you another girl’s name. This is one of the most disgusting things that you can suffer at his hands. He often forgets your name, and calls you, ‘darling’, ‘babe’ even if you’ve just met him. He does not want to confuse you calling other girls’ names.

  1. Uses non-verbalsigns

A womanizer uses non-verbal gestures to communicate with you. He uses his body language to communicate. You’ll probably find him flirting with the waitress when he thinks you’re not looking.

  1. Keeps mobile phone locked

Men tend to be doubtful. When his mobile phone is unlocked, and if you take a look at it, or try to, he’ll blow up. This is an important surefire reason to say he is a womanizer.

  1. Sends SMSs to other girls everyday

If he’s around with you, and is on phone persistently sending SMSs to other girls, maybe he’s lost interest in you.

  1. He shows off his cash

Womanizers use their wealth to influence girls. He’ll allow you to expend for him at all. But he does not have good intentions.


These are the characteristics that are the prime signs of a womanizer. While being with a guy, if you find any of these signs in him, have a second thought when going ahead. The guy may show one or several of these signs. Use your wisdom for your judgment.