12 Simple Tips to Combat Loneliness

Loneliness is one of worst enemies of your health and general well-being. Loneliness bring a feeling of emptiness – you have noone to share your emotions with. Loneliness over time leads to depression and its consequences. Fortunately, however, combating loneliness is in your control. We’ll discuss in this article a few tips on how to deal with the scourge of loneliness.


  1. Help others

When you do some good to others, they’ll be grateful to you and will continue to be in friendship with you. Thus, volunteering at a local community center such as a school or a public library, servicing food to the elderly, and so on can lead to a lot of positivity and friendship in your life. The service you render to the community will help earn happiness not only for others but also for yourself.

  1. Initiate talking

When you’re waiting for the train, make a friendly conversation with others. To make your talk impactful, start with some common experience. This is just an example, you can follow this technique when you so desire in the queue at the bank or even while performing a workout at the gym. However, take care to keep your talk simple and brief, and avoid venom-spewing.

  1. Make the topic interesting

Imagine when you’re in the veggie store, what’d you be interested in talking about? Who’re the people there make you happy? The point is that when there’s a connection between something that is meaningful and your life, it’s likely to make a good impression on people and help you connect with them.
When you participate in a hobby such as dancing, singing, yachting and more, it provides you with a number of instances to make new friends.

  1. Become a good friend

As you’re alone, you need to befriend new people. Consider those in your social media circle and send them simple text messages wishing them, say, a good morning or just Hi!

  1. Offer compliments

When you compliment others, you end up making them happy. Just sending a word of praise ‘great job, keep it up’ would help you get connected with a potential friend.

  1. Join a community center

Today, community centers or local colleges offer short-term programs  in many disciplines. Joining one will help you in three ways: for one it’ll help you connect with new friends. Two, it’ll lead you to acquire a new skill. And, three, if nothing else, at least you’ll have a new subject to talk about.

  1. Don’t ignore psychological issues

Loneliness, if ignored, brings needless anxiety and depression. Though loneliness is not a disease, it can eventually lead to more serious issues if not addressed in time. Therefore, solicit advice from a professional psychologist as soon as possible.

  1. Keep yourself busy

When you’re alone, loneliness will wrap you. You can’t run away from loneliness at such times. But when you keep yourself busy with something, you’re transported to a far-off world and can thus manage to beat loneliness.

  1. Find a pet

Pt animals are an effective aid when you’re suffering from loneliness. Animals offer you unconditional love People who are unwell and are immobile can find animals useful company.

  1. Talk to strangers

Like you, there are many other people who feel lonely. When you feel alone even if you’re in a group, start a casual conversation. But avoid if you’re not comfortable, and don’t feel natural. Just say Hi and smile, which is likely to help you relax.

  1. Discard negative thoughts

The way you use your mind affects your feelings and therefore your personality. Stay away from negative thoughts.

  1. Learn how to relax

Often people are hesitant to speak to others because they have an inherent fear of speaking to others. This is understandable. Generally, when you try doing something new that you’ve never done before, say talking to a stranger or asking for help, it’s not easy to begin with. However, according to studies, mediation, deep breathing, yoga are some of the techniques that can prove useful in combating the fear.


Loneliness can be a scary situation. Just follow these simple tips and you can get rid of loneliness. In an extreme case, you may need to see a professional psychologist.  Don’t delay it if things come to that.