4 Reasons You Should Avoid a Secret Relationship

When it comes to being sensible with respect to a relationship, you may find hardly any logical reason to keep it concealed. However, if you’re having to conceal your relationship the sooner you snap out of it the better for you. To hide the relationship, you need to lie to your family, friends and, to cover up those lies, you need to lie to multiple other people.

Secret Relationship

Real love continues to flourish when you spend time with your partner around, and in the company of family and friends, in diverse situations.
We furnish here four reasons to avoid a secret relationship.

  1. It may endanger your future relationship

When you do not make your relationship public, you only end up harming it because it limits the intimacy between you and your partner. You thus run the risk of destroying the relationship before it actually materializes.
A relationship is based on firm credentials, namely trust. If you try to conceal the relationship, it gives an impression that you’re not willing to share things with people who love and care for you.

  1. You’ll develop a negative opinion of yourself

Psychological studies show that when you keep the relationship secret, it’s like holding back things and not telling your doctor about a disease. Concealing the facts may trigger panic, a feeling of danger, and you  also tend to keep other things in life secret.
You should review the situation: whether it really makes sense to keep the relationship secret.
Maybe you don’t want the relationship to go a long way, and you don’t want to live together. If you feel you’re keeping the relationship in the dark, you should end as soon as you can before it can lead to hurting your friends and family.

  1. It can harm relationships with others

The fears that keep a relationship secret are unreasonable. Reflect on the opinion of your family and friends – whether or not they’re going to stay supportive of the relationship. If they won’t there must be some reason. Check out. If they aren’t supportive, the relationship will not be in your interest. And it’s sensible to go with their opinion because your friends and family would continue to be around when other relationships are no longer there.
The longer you keep the relationship hidden, the deeper you hurt people around you.

  1. It’s against your ethical standards

You’re bound by a set of ethical standards. If you’re influenced by your partner’s insistence, reflect on how justified you’re to continue to be so. And, when you yield to their influence, check if it’s worth your personal moral standards. If it’s not worth it, the relationship is not going to do any good to you in the long run. It’s only going to bring you ruin.


A relationship that is secretive to your partner and yourself is going to harm not only the two of you but also others, in the long run.