The 7 Day Diet Fix Nobody Will Tell You About!

Are you overweight? Is your body image a cause of concern for you and your family? Then take recourse to a 7-day diet in order to get back into shape in absolutely no time at all.


It is better to follow a seven-day diet that comprises various healthy alternatives to fatty foods, rather than engage in yo-yo dieting and suffer from depression and fatigue.

Stick to Fruits on Day 1

On the first day of your diet, keep it restricted only to fruits. Some of the fruits that you need to avoid for your diet plan to be a success are litchis, mangoes, bananas, and grapes.
Instead consume melons, strawberries, pomegranates, apples and oranges and that too in any quantity that you like. It is possible for you to eat fruits for as many as twenty times in a day, as long you keep your diet restricted only to fruits.

Have Plenty of Vegetables on Day 2

On the second day, stick to eating vegetables only. The second day of your diet is when you are going to add a good deal of nutrients and fiber to your body while keeping yourself free from calories. Engage in the intake of fresh green vegetables and add some basil seasoning to give your food some taste.

Eat Vegetables and Fruits on Day 3

The third day is when your diet should comprise of fruits as well as vegetables. There are no restrictions where quantity is concerned, but potatoes need to be strictly avoided as you get plenty of carbohydrates from the fruits. You also need to remember to drink as much water as you can.

Day 4 should be restricted to Milk and Bananas

The fourth-day diet should comprise only bananas and milk; These will add the necessary amount of protein and fiber to your body. You can drink up to four glasses of milk and have four bananas if you wish to.

Sprouts, Cottage Cheese, and Tomatoes are Foods for Day 5

The fifth day of your diet is when you are entitled to have something sumptuous. Sprouts, Cottage cheese, and tomatoes are good foods to have on the fifth day. You can make some tasty soup with these or add a bit of soya to your diet. Make sure to increase your intake of water.

Avoid Tomatoes on Day 6

On the sixth day, it is fine to eat, cottage cheese and sprouts only but tomatoes need to be strictly avoided. Lots of water and some tasty soup will make you feel happy and refreshed. By now, you should be able to start noticing changes to your body.

Take Fruits, Vegetables and Brown Bread on Day 7

The final day of diet should include an intake of vegetable, fruits and a bit of brown bread. Drinking at least seven to eight glasses of water will only add to the benefits that you will already have started experiencing upon following this diet plan.

It is imperative to avoid consuming tobacco and alcohol on all seven days of the diet. Only then can you expect this diet to do any good for you.