6 ways Aloe Vera can help you stay healthy

Aloe Vera is an herb known for its curative properties over the millennia. Aloe vera was one of the herbs that were considered by the ancient people to have a therapeutic effect on the skin. To benefit from aloe vera, you need to consume the herb – you won’t get it if you eat other foods. You’re probably already aware that aloe vera is useful if you’re suffering from indigestion? It is also helpful in sunburns and acnes. Studies show that the herb is replete with vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids and a lot more.
Aloe vera herb

Listed here are six benefits of consuming aloe vera.

  1. Keeps you healthy and protected

The antioxidants in aloe vera are extremely beneficial. Antioxidants are responsible for keeping the free radicals in the body at bay. Free radicals are harmful and may lead to cancer.

To get the best results make sure to choose older stuff. Studies in China show that the older the plant, the more powerful it is. This is because the herb contains different nutrients at different levels. Therefore, choose an older plant.

  1. Glowing skin

Aloe Vera has essential nutrients to give your skin some glow. Minerals such as calcium, copper, magnesium, iron, chromium, potassium, zinc, phosphorus and sodium bring the benefit. Swab your face with aloe vera tonight and have a glimpse of the glow in your face the following morning.

  1. Good for hair

Aloe vera boosts hair growth and strengthens the hair by enabling better blood supply to the scalp. The underlying reason for this benefit is that it contains an enzyme that helps grow new hair cells, and keeps pH of the scalp at a balanced level so it’d get rid of the dirt. This, in turn, would cause better blood circulation and results in faster growth of hair.

  1. Keeps blood sugar levels in check

Diabetes is a common lifestyle disease. It occurs in people who lead a sedentary life with little exercise. Such inertia in the long can reduce the metabolism and the amount of insulin is not adequate to convert the sugar into energy. A study in patients in India showed that people with mild diabetes have reduced their blood sugar level, after using aloe vera. This happened to 90% of the people involved in the study.

  1. Gets rid of pain

The enzymes in aloe vera bring pain relieving effect because of the enzyme kinase. Kinase is a pain relief enzyme. The other enzymes in the herbal gel do away with the dead cells in wounds, which leads to a healing and pain reliving effect.

  1. Faster wound healing

People who suffer from diabetes also suffer from poor wound healing. Aloe vera gel has been proved to be an effective anti-inflammatory – useful in healing such wounds. Research has found that externally induced diabetes in mice has been cured with the help of aloe vera.

  1. Anti-cancer property

Research is in progress regarding the anti-cancer property of aloe vera. However, a study shows that aloe has been found to help people habituated to smoking and having cancer of the lungs reducing the carcinogenic effects of cigarettes.

The six benefits above make aloe vera something that is definitely worth trying. Happy aloe vera use!