These Innocent Herbs Can Save Your Life

In the ancient world, there were no clinics, emergency rooms or doctors. So, how did they take care of themselves and their family in times of illness, injury, infection or chronic diseases? They used natural remedies of medicinal herbs derived from plants and other natural resources.


Alternate medicine is proven to be effective and is an age-old practice followed by our ancestors. You would be surprised to note that natural herbs do wonders when it comes to your overall health and wellbeing. So, go natural and stay away from chemical-made prescriptions that are expensive and also prone to side-effects.
The following are some natural herbs that can save your life and be used for medical emergencies as well:

  1. Cayenne

    – It is well-known for its ability to curb internal and external bleeding. An open wound, when rubbed with cayenne pepper stops blood loss within no time. It can also be used to prevent strokes and heart attacks by consuming one tablespoon of this powder with a glass of water.

  2. African Mango

    – It aids in weight-loss by producing a hormone that suppresses our appetite. It also helps to break down fat, and its fibrous content also lowers cholesterol. By controlling the insulin levels in the blood, it keeps in check the sugar levels and alleviates diabetes. The fiber in the African mango helps to relieve constipation problems as well.

  3. Lobelia

    – It is commonly used to treat symptoms of asthma and seizures. It relaxes the body’s muscles and gets rid of the toxins. By consuming just five drops of lobelia in your juice or water would eradicate all your breathing issues and also relaxes your body by removing stress.

  4. Raw Garlic

    – Did you know that eating half to one clove of garlic every day will help promote your body’s immune system and prevent any kind of infection? Even mild external infection like athlete’s foot is sometimes treated with garlic oil. Garlic is a great medicine that alleviates cold, fevers, cancer and allergies.

  5. Aloe Vera

    – You might have heard of aloe vera, as this is commonly used in body lotions and moisturizers. This natural plant does wonders to heal any type of damaged skin and prevents sunburns and dry skin.These also offer pain relief as it is anti-inflammatory and a great analgesic. You can grow aloe vera at your home effortlessly and use them.

  6. Ginger and Peppermint

    – Both of these are great for indigestion and can ease off your heartburn in a jiffy. Drinking ginger or peppermint tea will eradicate all your indigestion issues and relieves gas. Eating raw ginger or peppermint leaves is best to relieve intense indigestion problems and prevents nausea.

The above list of natural herbs is a great starting point for treating certain medical conditions and promotes healthy living. So, be aware of these herbs that can be easily found and try using them to see their miraculous effects yourselves. Stay healthy the natural way and give them a try without fear.