Planning to Join a Gym? Remember to Ask these Questions

The staff are good - pleasing cordial, sexy. Thinking of signing up with a gym? Feel it's time to sign up? Before you move ahead, make a comprehensive check to find out whether the...

Overcoming Depression As a Mature Man 

Everyone suffers depression some time or the other in life. Regardless of the intensity of the depression - mild, severe, or brief it’s important to acknowledge it and take adequate measures to address it....

 Men, Are You Lacking these 11 Hygiene Habits?    

Hygiene is an important issue that affects everyone's personality subtly. However, no one likes to discuss it openly. There are certain secrets in hygiene no one would like to talk about. It's probably prudish,...

Going Commando? Be Careful Of These 4 Things

Removing your underwear relieves you of a discomfort that’s embarrassing and awkward, and also kills your focus. Luckily, there’s  no scientific reason you must put on underwear as per expert physicians. Ok, that's fine. So...

Follow These Five Tricks to Look Taller

You're short and trying to look taller, but the odds are against you. You're short because of certain genetic reasons which you can’t help. Fortunately for you, it’s not as difficult as you believe...

Build Your Muscles Without Going To A Gym

When you embark upon building your muscles like a pro, you're likely to encounter diverse obstacles. The first and the most important is finding the right platform to build your muscles. Going to a gym may not be a solution,...

11 Warning Signs That Tell He’s a Womanizer

A womanizer looks attractive, and has quick and inventive humor. To differentiate between a womanizer and a gentleman is not easy. Here’s a list of the attributes of a womanizer. However, be careful because a man showing these characteristics may not necessarily...
Sex Life

11 Exercises for a Better Sex Life   

Sex is a significant part of life. You get multiple benefits for your health, as well as psychological wellbeing. For example, sex lessens the chances of getting prostate cancer. Apart from this, sex is a...

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14 Food Groups That You Should Choose for Weight Loss Plan

If you’re overweight or obese and are planning to lose weight, instead of depending on a single diet, a group of foods comprising two...

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