Nine Foods that Boost Men’s Health

Men’s nutritional needs differ widely from those of women. Men require more of the foods that aid in building and maintaining musculature, preventing prostate cancer and type two diabetes, and ensuring a healthy libido. Thus, to build your body and keep your mind well-sharpened, you need to take into account the quality of each and every piece of food you consume. For best results, you need to consume foods that are nutrient-rich, disease-combating and muscle-boosting. Here is a list of nine foods that help maintain the overall health of men.



Pistachios belong to the category of nuts and are replete with plant-based sterols that are useful in checking cholesterol levels and combating bad cholesterol. The best way to consume them is to remove the shell and eat them whole.
Pistachios are good for vision as they contain carotenoids – lutein and zeaxanthin, which are effective antioxidants that protect the harmful effects of free radicals.
People having type two diabetes can benefit because this dry fruit is a rich source of phosphorus that helps in converting proteins into amino acids and results in glucose tolerance.
A rich source of vitamin B6, pistachios are also responsible for maintaining a healthy level of hemoglobin and boosting immunity.

Fatty fish

Fats from fish such as salmon, sardine, herring and halibut constitute a rich source of healthy fat. These fish are a great source of omega-3 fatty acids that are known to protect you against heart disease. Studies show that heart disease is the most formidable killer in the United States. Consuming fatty fish twice a week is found to have major beneficial effects.  These fish also  protect against prostate cancer, dementia and age-related vision loss.


Soy is a rich source of eight essential amino acids. Research in as many as 40 countries shows soy is an effective food to shield against prostate cancer. You can consume it as soy milk, tofu or miso soup. In countries where people often consume soy, such as many Asian countries, the incidence of prostate cancer is found to be low.

Brazil nuts

Brazil nuts are a good source of selenium. This mineral is essential for thyroid hormone production and healthy immunity. People having subnormal thyroid function should consume Brazil nuts. Make sure to eat three to four Brazil nuts a day to reap the benefits of this food.


Berries are good to maintain your physical as well as mental health under optimal conditions. Apart from this, they also contain a great deal of antioxidants that protect you against cancer. Studies on animals show that berries are also good for boosting memory and reasoning.
Berries also help prevent heart disease in men. They contain little cholesterol and are nutrient-rich. For best benefits, you should consume berries of different colors and relish their taste.
Studies show that consuming three or more servings of strawberries can help you prevent macular degeneration leading to loss of vision.


Oysters are known for boosting your libido. They are a rich source of protein. Consume 6 ounces of oysters, and see yourself getting the benefits of 16 grams of protein. Oysters are a rich source of Vitamins B12, C and minerals such as selenium, zinc and iron. They help improve bone metabolism and prevent osteoporosis.

Lean red meat

If you’re planning to adopt a fitness program to help build your muscles, consider eating lean red meat. Lean red meat (beef and pork) is a rich source of amino acid leucine, which is the building block for muscles. Red meat is rich in zinc. Just consume three ounces of lean beef and you’ll get 5.5 mg of zinc.  Zinc is essential to muscle building. It also helps boost immunity, and keeps your brain healthy.

Brown rice

Easy to prepare, brown rice is a dish rich in fiber. If you add spinach or lean meat it would make a good recipe. Whole grains like brown rice keep you healthy by mitigating the risk of type two diabetes and heart disease. Cooking brown rice takes longer than it takes for white rice. However, it’s worth the wait since the benefits you get from brown rice are manifold.
Brown rice helps you manage your weight too. The fiber in brown rice can keep your appetite under control by working as a filler and making you feel fuller.
It is also a rich source of manganese, a mineral that boosts the nervous and reproductive system, and helps in the synthesis of fats. Selenium in brown rich minimizes the risk of getting heart disease, cancer and arthritis.
Brown rice has a low glycemic index, and thus helps reduce the risk of type two diabetes.


Avocado is a fruit loaded with low saturated fat and high amount of unsaturated fat. Consuming unsaturated fat in sufficient quantity aids in reducing LDL-cholesterol, maintaining HDL-cholesterol and improving insulin sensitivity. HDL-cholesterol is responsible for heart disease.
Recent studies show that avocado can help reach an optimal BMI by reducing the desire to over-consume. This, in turn, helps prevent weight gain.


To change your regular diet, make it a habit to consume foods that benefit you from nutrition perspective and skip others that do not. When you get used to consuming a diet that constitutes whole grains, vegetables, fruits, lean meat you’ll be ready to replace some of the foods that you’re currently consuming.