Twenty Insane – But True – Things about Old Age

Old age is oft associated with dependency, patriarchal/matriarchal roles spanning generations and a general winding down into relaxation and enjoying the finer things in life. But for those who fit the age bracket that characterizes old age, life is made up of a mixture of both comfort and caution.
Old Age problems

No Definite Number to Old Age

The exact number that defines when old age begins is a matter of where you are presently located in the world. In areas where the life expectancy is higher, a person who is around 55 years old is still considered to be a valuable asset to the workforce. In others, this age would define a retired senior citizen due to the standard of living and other economic and health factors.

Role of Patriarch/Matriarch

For the elderly, being surrounded by family members from one to three generations produces a sense of satisfaction. As technology constantly changes the face of this world, wisdom that is passed on to later generations who thirst for knowledge of a time gone by is a valuable source of learning.

More Snores

One of the side effects of breathing difficulties is – snoring. Yes. As you get older, your chances of developing the habit of snoring will increase.

And fewer Bones

By the time we reach the end of our life cycle, we have fewer bones in our bodies than the number we were born with. This is a result of bones joining together.

Older Stem Cells

As our bodies age, so do our stem cells.

Sagging Skin

Wrinkles and saggy skin that comes with age are due to factors such as genetics, diet, sun damage, and personal care.

Home Sweet Home

Most elderly people live at home surrounded by their family and friends, as opposed to nursing homes or other shelters.

A Smaller Family

In most countries, traditional values of taking in grandparents have been replaced with the more popular family arrangement consisting of immediate family members only. This has left a great number of elderly stranded, to fend for themselves.

NGOs for the Elderly

There are an increasing number of NGOs around the world that provides services for the abandoned elderly who have nobody to take care of them. Helplines allow for easy access.

Laws for the Elderly

Laws have been passed in certain countries holding people legally accountable for neglecting their aging parents.

Keep Moving

Once the 75-year mark is crossed, most aged people get little to no exercise. This can be fixed by coming with interesting ideas that engage the mind as well as the body, to make physical activity enjoyable as well.

Female First

There are more elderly women than men!

Store Up Early

Most senior citizens live in relative comfort. During their younger, earning years, most people invest their money wisely to avoid being stuck in a difficult situation

Increase Reading, Increase Memory

Studies have found that reading more can help an aged person improve their memory and increase their knowledge, which in turn leads to a greater sense of worth and purpose.

Don’t Keep the Doctor Away

Older people make more visits to the doctor than people in their 30s. Frequent visits to the hospital ensure that treatment and medicine are properly and routinely administered.

Senior Playgrounds

Several countries have commissioned and built playgrounds for elderly people. This not only enables aged people to get the physical activity they need but to have some fun in the process!

Designated Days for the Aged

Some countries in the world, such as Japan, have designated days on which the elderly are shown respect and appreciation.

Loneliness and Depression

Research has found that mental and emotional condition such as loneliness and depression spike in old age, mainly due to the lack of companionship.

Tooth Loss

As people age, their teeth become weaker due to wear and tear. There are many dental treatment options available for people to continue to enjoy life with a full set of teeth.


Old age homes are an opportune environment for people of any age group to volunteer and spend quality time with its residents.

These twenty interesting facts about old age make those later years an era to both prepare for and look forward to!