Workout at Desk – 5 Quick and Easy Exercises You Can Do In the Office

In today’s world, where everyone is busy, and everyone is holed up in their cabin, sitting in front of a perennially running computer or desktop, racking their brains over barely legible facts and figures, exercise and fitness tend to take a back seat in people’s lives.

Workout At Desk

However, the importance of working out and having a fit body cannot be stressed enough. A fit individual is a healthy, happy and more efficient individual as well.

Thus, even for busy office-goers, here are a few exercises that they can perform, sitting in their comfy chair, inside their air conditioned cabin. These are pretty low impact, easy on the body and are extremely helpful in maintaining body fitness.

  1. Stretching the Wrist Upward

This exercise involves you initially having an upright sitting posture. The right wrist is then raised over the head and pulled with the left hand, thereby stretching the side.

The position is held till at least eight counts before relaxing back to the initial position. Repeat the same process a few times on each side.

  1. Sitting Spinal Stretch

This exercise involves you initially sitting in an upright position. Both arms are now raised, with the right hand being put on the desk while simultaneously holding the back of the chair with the left hand and then twisting the entire body to one side.

This position is held till at least eight counts before relaxing back to the initial posture. Repeat the entire process a few times, on each side and maintain a steady, accurate count.

  1. Chair Levitation

An office chair having a rigid, strong armrest is needed for this exercise. You need to sit cross-legged on the chair, initially. Then, pushing down on the armrests with your hands, the stomach is pulled in, and the entire body is raised, maybe just a few inches, from the chair.

The position is held till a steady count of ten. Go back to the relaxing position, take about a minute’s rest and repeat the same procedure a few times.

  1. Reach and Switch

This exercise needs you to be in an upright sitting posture, for starters. While in this position, the right hand is folded behind the back with the palm out and the back of the hand resting on the spine. Then, with the left hand, reach out towards the ceiling. This hand is now folded between the shoulder blades in such a way so as to reach for the right hand.

This position is held till a steady count of ten. Then, the arms are switched, and the same procedure is repeated, till you feel sufficiently tired or strained.

  1. Leg Stretch

This exercise requires you to initially be in a sitting position. When in this position, extend both your legs straight out in front, with the soles resting on the floor. Then, with both arms supported on the armrests, the body has to gently slide down towards the front, placing it diagonally on the chair with the rear end on the chair’s edge.

In this position, one foot is raised as high as possible, and this posture is held for a few seconds. Then, slowly lower the leg back down, take a mini pause and repeat the same procedure for the other leg. Continue the process till you are sufficiently loosened up.

It has been observed that, even though these exercises are pretty easy on the body, people have gotten hurt or strained a few muscles while doing these. Therefore, it is imperative to understand one’s body and not over-exert, thereby ensuring that exercising and getting fit is not an unduly painful process.