When is the Right Time to Start Kegel Exercises for Men

Kegel exercises for men are easy to perform and constitute an excellent way by which you as a man can keep your urinary health in good shape. These are exercises which strengthen the muscles that lie beneath your bladder, and enable you to control as well as improve your urinary leakage.


Perfect Solution to Urinary Incontinence

The Kegel exercises are a solution to urinary incontinence for men who suffer from a weak urinary sphincter. The latter can result from having undergone surgery, from having a bladder that does not contract as well as from having a bladder that is overactive.

Can be performed by all men above 25 Years of Age

As such, Kegel exercises can be performed by any man who is above twenty-five years of age. These are particularly good for men in their middle age as it gives them full control over their bladder and prevents them from having to run to the doctor every now and then over urinary issues.

Give Better Orgasms and Improve Bladder Control

At times, Kegel exercises can be very beneficial to undergo as they enable you to enjoy better orgasms that usual In addition to giving you control over your bladder, it will improve your erections and intensify your orgasms leading to a better sex life than usual.

Exercises can be done by first trying to Stop the Flow of Urine

  • One of the best ways to do Kegel exercises is to try and slow down or stop the urine when you are halfway through urination.
  • It is important not to hold your breath or to stress the muscles in your abdomen, legs or buttocks. If you are able to control or even stop the flow your urine,
  • you will have been able to locate successfully, the muscles that cause urinary incontinence in the first place.

Important to Avoid Stopping Passage of Gas or Contracting Other Muscles in the Body

You need to remember to avoid contracting other muscles around your bladder area when you perform Kegel exercises. Stopping the passage of gas will also turn out to be futile and is best avoided.

Muscles can be Contracted and Released by Counting to Five

  • Another fantastic way in which Kegel exercises can be performed is by contracting the muscles in the bladder by counting to five.
  • Thereafter, release the bladder muscles upon counting to five.
  • This needs to be repeated for ten times.
  • Ideally, Kegel exercises should be done ten times on a daily basis.

Kegel Exercises should be done by Standing Up

All Kegel exercises need to be performed by standing upright. By doing so, you will add more weight to your muscles, thus improving your bladder control and giving a boost to your workout.

Thus, doing Kegel exercises can certainly be a good way by which you can improve your control over your body as a man and have a healthy and happy sex life among other things.