Six Behaviors that Can Harm Relationships

According to professional experts, couples often end up at the precipice of breakup because of the unsavory behavior on the part of either of the partners.  Many couples break up because of the constant ill behavior on the part of their partner. In some cases, there’s actually no strong reason for the quarrel, and simply avoiding a few things can help save the relationship.


  1. Always saying no

Relationships are based on mutual empathy between the partners. A relationship can be affected seriously by just refusing to say ‘yes’ to small things that matter to your partner.  For example, your partner might ask you what their friend was saying about you. To quell their doubts, they may ask you whether it was right what their friend said.
Saying no to on a few occasions is OK, but if either of you keep on saying ‘no’ consistently it may lead finally to breakup. It shows your unkindness to your partner’s feelings. Over time, your partner will ask themselves the question why they should like a person who does not understand them.
Refusing to listen to your partner, ignoring your partner’s emotional feelings, not taking care of things that are important to your partner may lead to disastrous impact on relationships.

  1. Resentment

Mistakes can happen on the part of either partner. If your partner apologizes therefore their mistake, you should forgive them. There’s no attribute more virtuous than forgiveness. You need to trust your partner; staying adamant without taking their feelings into consideration won’t help fix the relationship. And if you don’t forgive your partner despite their apology, and instead keep on resenting, it can harm the relationship.

  1. Not showing affection

If you don’t show affection as you used to do, it will create adverse negative consequence. If you’re not showing affection to your partner, maybe your intent is to use it as an instrument of punishing them, to exercise one-upmanship. When you or your partner fail to show affection, it can lead to an abusive relationship.
Maybe either of you is not showing affection to the other because of a deep-seated feeling of being hurt by the other partner and the consequent failure to reconcile. However, it’s important to find out what caused this situation. Showing affection by offering notes, flowers shows the you assign importance to your partner, and like and respect the relationship.

  1. Imposing your ways on each other

It’s important that you negotiate things with your partner because any negativity is probably because of flaws or ill-informed judgments of either partner. For the relationship to continue, one of the partners or both should change. And this change should come from the individuals themselves instead of being imposed by the partner. Imposing changes involves asking the partner to change the they behave or do things. Imposing changes on your partner may lead to bitterness because it can compound the problem and give an impression that you’re not considerate towards their feelings.

  1. Amount of time you devote should neither be too long nor too short

Spending time with your partner is important to sustain the relationship. Ensure you spend quality time with your partner without fail. Also, avoid spending too much time.  By doing so, you would develop avoidable dependence on one another.  Developing dependence is not good because when your partner is not around, you feel the pinch.

  1. Bickering can be harmful

Quarrelling on petty issue and arguing incessantly, without listening to what your partner says, can lead to disastrous results. It often hurts the other person in the relationship. Such arguments become noisy and are unlikely to cool until one of the partners yields.


These six behaviors are inimical to your relationship. You should take care to avoid them through conscious practice in order to prevent a possible breakup.