5 Smart Tips on Skincare this Summer

Come summer, and you can be sure to end up suffering from some or the other harsh effects of the heat. The high day temperatures coupled with somewhat warm but pleasant nights work adversely on your skin to cause all kinds of irritations. If you’re exposed to direct sunshine, you end up suffering the harmful effects of UV light that makes your skin look aged and also adds to chances of getting skin cancer. The incidence of skin care among 18-39 year old men has grown manifold over the past few years.  So you need to take certain precautions to ensure that you keep your skin healthy and well nourished.  Here are a few tips on how you can do that.


  1. Use face wash

If you work in the sun for long without properly protecting your skin, you’ll develop wrinkles later. This is because of the sun’s UV rays, which make your skin dry and cause the pores to become larger. To combat this, moisturize the skin using a face moisturizer.

If you stay in sun all the day

Summer sunshine makes your skin too oily or you sweat a lot. Wash your face with a quality face cleanser. Good face washing cleansers help you remove the dirt as well as moisturize your skin properly. Remember to use the cleanser before you shave so that the facial hair becomes soft and unpleasant cuts are avoided.

Use the right soap

When you wander around a lot out in the sun, your skin may go dry, and the same occurs when you apply a soap that doesn’t suit your skin.
Use a soap that contains good ingredients such as murumuru, lava rock etc., which will help your skin stay moist and rid it of dryness.

  1. Protect against ultraviolet rays

Sun protection factor (SPF) is important. So you need to use a good cream with the right SPF. Use it properly – on your back because this is the area mostly affected by UV light.
Be aware that SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVA, and SPF 30 does so for 97%. Ensure to use an SPF that protects you from both UVA as well as UVB rays.

  1. Nourish your body with water

Drink plenty of water, which will help you keep the skin moist. Moisture is important for protection against the sun’s effects.

  1. Use a lip balm

Summer heat makes your lips cracked and hurt. Buy a common lip balm and apply before you venture out into the sun.

  1. Use a waterproof cream

You need to apply SPF cream, lotion, etc. when you’re in the sun. Often, such application gets washed away when you go out in the sunshine because of profuse sweating or after a swimming or jogging regime. Therefore, use a cream, or a lotion that is not affected by water.


Summer is a difficult season hat makes your skin look tanned and wrinkled. Ensure to protect your skin using these simple and smart yet effective tips.