Four Things You Must Know about Rolling up Your Shirt Sleeves

When you’re uncomfortable or feeling awkward because of the scorching summer temperature, it’s a good idea to roll up your shirt sleeves. Especially at the workplace, where you’re not expected to wear T-shirts or short sleeves, rolling up the sleeves of your full-sleeved shirt would help you feel cooler. However, this may make you look shabby, awkward, or may make your shirt crumpled.  But if done properly, rolling up your sleeves can also send out a positive signal – that you’re going to make a bold try or getting ready for the big task or simply cooling.

Shirt Sleeves

Follow these four tips while rolling your sleeves if you want to look smart and right for the occasion.

  1. Roll up when you really need to

Rolling up your shirt sleeves is absolutely necessary when you wash your hands, or are doing a lifting job or a job in dusty surroundings. Thus, whenever you’re in involved that kind of a task you need to roll your sleeves up. However, ensure that your shirt is well-tailored, and the sleeves are big enough to be rolled up properly.

  1. Hot weather

When the day is hot and sticky, rolling up the sleeves allows ventilation of your skin and thus helps it cool. Note that when the weather is hot, it’s an acceptable social norm to roll up your shirt sleeves. This, however, varies depending on the situation (workplace, living room, etc.). You can also roll up your sleeves in situations where temperature varies significantly.

  1. Casual situation

Rolling up your shirt sleeves primarily implies a casual situation. Thus rolling your sleeves helps you show others that you’re relaxed. So when you’re away from the office at a casual gathering, you can surely roll up your sleeves, and also when you’re at the office at a team management meeting, rolling up your sleeves is fine too as it indicates a relaxed posture.

  1. Three methods of rolling up

The Art of Manliness, a blog specializing in advising men with regard to dress and grooming, health and sports, manly skills, career, etc, suggests three methods of rolling up your shirt sleeves, namely the casual forearm roll, the master sleeve roll, and the basic roll.

The casual roll

As the name suggests, it’s the simplest one, involving just rolling the sleeve back. All you need to do is unbutton the cuff and flip it back, and turn the inside out. Finally, just tuck the corners and you’re done.

The master sleeve model

The master sleeve model involves casual fold that’s not consistent and you can adjust as you like, according to the comfort you need.
To make this rollup, unbutton the cuff and gauntlet, and flip the cuff up and inside out. Now bring the flipped cuff to exactly below the elbow without folding, thus inverting the sleeve

The basic roll

This is most common method of rolling up. It’s advised in case you’re on a task that involves manual labor, requiring roll beyond your elbow.
To do this rollup, unbutton the cuff and gauntlet, flip the cuff back and turn the inside out. Now fold back until the band of rolled cloth reaches exactly the elbow. And, if you’re at a menial job go beyond your elbows.


Rolling up your shirt sleeves is trait that connotes different things in different situations. However, it’s important to take note of the context. Be aware of those and you’ll be able to give the right signal to others around you.