Three Exercises that Burn More Calories than Running

Running is one of the favorite exercises for many people because it’s easy, with no equipment or trainer required. The benefits of running everyday include shedding calories, relieving stress and improved health for the heart.


However, when it comes to weight management exercises, you need to do more than just running. Estimates show that when you run for a minute in a marathon, you lose just 10 calories. Therefore, for people who are planning to lose weight as well as those looking for an exciting sort of exercise, running is not enough. Therefore, they should explore other options such as rope jumping, cycling, kettlebell swings etc. These are more helpful than running.
We suggest three exercises if you’re looking for an alternative to running, namely battle ropes, cycling, and burpees. We’ll discuss them here briefly.

  1. Battle ropes

The battle ropes exercise is beneficial in strengthening and improving hand grasp and balance. It makes you try hard and work more.
Battle ropes are good for muscles such as the biceps, legs and shoulder, depending on the variety used. There are many exercises to try with battle ropes. Additionally, you can perform various motions including linear and circular. Each sort of movement helps a particular group of muscles.
Thus, you can try to perform squats while moving the rope. Now stand upright and keep on repeating movement as many times as your strength allows.
If you’re planning to strengthen your oblique muscle, you can do the side slam.

You can also try the following:

Hold the rope by the ends and stand such that your feed are a little wide apart. Now move your hand above your head and beat ropes on the floor using your maximum energy.

  1. Cycling

Cycling is yet another excellent alternative to running. Cycling is good for your health for multiple reasons. It boosts the flexibility and strength of your muscles. It tones up your back and waist, as well as your leg muscles. It leads to more blood supply to the heart, thus making it healthier, and also boosts the brain. Cycling is, thus, a workout that exercises the body in its entirety.

How to move ahead?

Cycling, as an exercise, is something you can undertake even when you don’t have enough time for it. Thus, you can go to work on a cycle instead of going by your car, or by public transport such as train or bus.
Even when you’re going on a hiking trip and want to ride a bicycle there, you can carry it along.

Static bicycle training

If you don’t like to go out for cycling, you can consider buying a static bike. You can use it at home. Doing bicycling at home is an ideal alternative to running without having to move out of your home. Just doing a minute of hard cycling can help you burn a lot of calories.

Fat tire biking

Alternatively, you can consider fat tire biking, which requires more strength, and is, therefore, good for muscle training. This cycling is hard because the tires are so. You need more force to pedal the bicycle because of the larger size and thickness of the tires. This helps you burn more calories – as many as 1500 an hour of cycling, that is 25 calories a minute. Thus, there is a wide difference when it comes to the number of calories being burnt.

  1. Burpees

Burpees are a hybrid of pushups and squats. Burpees are more intense and demand a great deal of strength and endurance. Burpees are thus an excellent workout for building balance and stamina. These exercises affect the entire body – jumping, squatting and pushups make virtually all the muscles in the body work hard. Burpees are one of the best options in a weight loss plan, apart from being a great option for boosting your physical endurance.
The advantages of burpees are you don’t need any equipment or a spacious room. You can do them in open space – your kitchen garden, balcony or anywhere with enough space to jump.
Burpees lead to excellent results when you do them with a few repetitions and mix them with other sorts of exercises. This is beneficial for your physical as well as mental health.

How to do burpees?

First, come down into the squat position, with your hands beside you. Then force your legs backward and go into a push-up position. Do the push-up and push your legs backward and get into push-up position. Now do a push-up swiftly and come to the initial position.
If you do it accurately, it will help you burn 10 calories a minute.


You can do these exercises along with others. They help burn more calories than running does. For best results, do them as a hybrid workout. The plus point is that they don’t consume time, and you can do them home or outside. It’s for this reason that it’s a good option for busy people, and also in inclement weather. You should, therefore, try this set of exercises, and watch the results.