15 foods that help you get clean and healthy teeth

Dental hygiene plays an important role in shaping your personality as well as bringing positive health benefits. To ensure good dental hygiene, you need to go beyond what you regularly do: brushing, flossing and...

Extreme weight loss techniques that were a secret are out now!

  Extreme Secrets below: The Ultimate Indicator of your Success is Consistency The nature of your dieting regime and fitness program does not contribute significantly in the short term and long term. This applies to people who...

Ten Simple Tips to Make Your Footwear Last Longer

Your shoes are the symbol of how manly you are and therefore, irrespective of their type - be it sneakers, boots or brogues, they need your close attention. Your shoes are made of diverse...

12 Simple Tips to Combat Loneliness

Loneliness is one of worst enemies of your health and general well-being. Loneliness bring a feeling of emptiness - you have noone to share your emotions with. Loneliness over time leads to depression and...

5 Smart Tips on Skincare this Summer

Come summer, and you can be sure to end up suffering from some or the other harsh effects of the heat. The high day temperatures coupled with somewhat warm but pleasant nights work adversely...

Smart Financial Habits that Bring Good Financial Health

You’ve decided to give up your financial goal of, say, buying a new vehicle. Or perhaps you’ve mentally prepared to forego buying an expensive gadget.  A recent research by Fidelity shows that the most...

Goji Berries to Immunise Your Health?

You’d definitely have heard of strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries. But have you ever heard of goji berries? Like the rest of the berries, goji berries are a high-quality food, rich in nutritional elements....

Why Are Antibiotics Not The Right Choice For Everyone?

Antibiotics are powerful little medicines that are commonly used to treat infections and contagious diseases. However if they are not used the right way, they can cause more harm than good. Stay aware of...

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14 Food Groups That You Should Choose for Weight Loss Plan

If you’re overweight or obese and are planning to lose weight, instead of depending on a single diet, a group of foods comprising two...

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