Nine ways yoga is more beneficial than traditional exercises

Experts in Yoga and traditional exercise assert the importance of their respective ways of doing things. Both find their own ways of exercising more useful in imparting physical strength and mental alertness, among other things. There’s, however, an increasing shift, worldwide, towards Yoga as a more beneficial way of keeping yourself fit and healthy. Here’s why.


  1. Start at your ease and comfort

Yoga is a great workout and is good for your body because just doing the practice sessions becomes a part of the workout. There are certain stretching exercises that you can do at any time or any age. Yoga aims to fine-tune your body strength and flexibility. Regular Yoga exercises help align the various Yoga poses to your body needs.

  1. Better breathing

Breathing is an essential part of yoga. Pranayama constitutes primarily breathing in preset style to reap its full benefits. Coupled with exercise, breathing focuses on the way it should be done to ensure long-lasting effects. Thus, you should breath deep, taking care to allot specific time for this exercise. If you are suffering from asthma, pranayama helps get relief. Just doing pranayama for a few weeks will give you relief.

  1. More restful sleep

By doing Yoga, you can improve the quality of your sleep: you’ll enjoy more restful sleep and also become focused at the workplace. Research shows that doing a few poses just before you go to bed leads to a better quality of sleep. Further, if you find it hard to sleep, doing Yoga helps relieve you from depression or any physical pain, thus enabling you to sleep comfortably.  There are certain sequences in Yoga that gradually lead to sleep.

  1. Can help you develop better posture

Yoga can help you improve your posture. Doing Yoga entails sitting upright, and as you keep on doing so, you would get good posture over a period of time. Maybe you’re at a desk job and need to sit there for prolonged hours. Yoga would help you in such a way that you’d be able to stand upright easily and have better posture. Poses such as boat pose (naukasana) are useful in developing good balance and posture.

  1. Physical as well as mental strength

A significant benefit of doing Yoga exercise as opposed to doing physical exercise is that it’ll not only develop your physical strength but mental strength as well. Today, most people are engaged in desk jobs involving leaning towards their computers or other IT devices the whole day long. This leads to strain in the body, especially in the upper back and chest. Downward dog (Adhomukahaswanasana) is an excellent posture to relieve the strain, and help you feel much better.  In a world where there is a constant deluge of diverse kinds of pressure,, be it at workplace, home, or while commuting, enduring stress effectively is important. Doing Yoga, especially pranayama,  would go a long way in combating the pressure and helping you stay focused.

  1. You get attentive to your breathing

Unlike in traditional physical exercise, where the focus is on stretching the muscles, in Yoga you need to focus on breathing along with exercise. Breathing is the essence of Yoga regardless of whether you’re doing pranayama or other Yoga poses. Even when you do Yoga poses, you need to focus on breathing. Yoga exercises such as sun salutations (Surya namaskar) involve Yoga poses along with breathing in the correct rhythm. During sun salutations, you need to focus on breathing in between the pauses. This helps get used to breathing correctly.

  1. You’d be less inclined to react to things

Ups and downs keep on happening in life. You need to accept them as a fact and face them without confrontation. Doing Yoga enables the development of a more balanced view of things. You’ll become calm and less reactive to pressure situations. It helps you remain calm and cool when confronted with challenges.

  1. Better listening skills

Given the fast pace of things in today’s world, you’re so busy rushing through things that you don’t bother about asking your body how it feels. You command and push your body to do things as you like. You may not feel well or even get annoyed because your body fails to do certain things you wanted. However, when you reflect on it all you’ll get a better sense of awareness about your body’s capabilities. And you’ll also learn to behave in a balanced manner. You’ll be ready to accept the reality and go according to the needs of your body.
Yoga is meant to improve your awareness of yourself (your body) and teaches you how to thank your body for the service it does to you. As you keep on doing challenging Yoga poses, you’ll develop keen sharpness in your mind and start listening to what your body says. This helps develop focus and also teaches how to listen to others when it comes to the exterior world (workplace for example).

  1. You accept as you are

One of the themes of Yoga is conditioning your mind to get used to the needs of your body. Yoga involves learning to practice to present yourself as you are – you become ready to accept yourself in the state you are. This eventually leads to liking yourself just the way your are.


While doing Yoga is more beneficial than physical exercise, this article does not mean to belittle the latter. Doing Yoga may not feel comfortable for all. There are numerous Yoga poses that bring benefits: in terms of physical and psychological effects, and developing greater self-awareness. However, it might not possible to practice the poses unless you’re a professional in Yoga. It’s important to practice a few simple poses that help you reach a better level of achievement in your chosen avocation.